Chip provides consulting services for organizations that desire to excel in recruiting, onboarding, managing, retaining, and developing young talent.

Colleen Bay | ASE Group, Inc

“Chip took the time to know the client’s business before-hand and that knowledge helped immensely.”

The question is: “Does the subject of generational diversity warrant resource allocation?” 

Chip’s answer is simple—if you are talking about generational issues in your organization it means that you are already committing your resources. The material questions are: 1) Where should we spend? and 2) How do we evaluate our investment?

Top three areas where you need to allocate resources:

(whether you are a large company or small family owned business):

Management Training

Knowledge Transfer


People leave managers, not companies. You can spend a lot of money on recruiting and onboarding only to match your potential high-performer with a manager that does not get her. Managing the Millennials Second Edition focuses on the core management competencies it takes to effectively lead Millennials.

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Chip works with the Fortune 100, family owned businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies.

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